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... and... “How the Hell Did I Get Here?”

Off-Broadway Alliance Award Nominee

“Songs worthy of comparison to the works of Noel Coward”


New York City | Chicago | London | Hong Kong

Lesley Nicol Mrs. Patmore Downton Abbey Hit TV Show Hit Film ITV Series

“Lesley Nicol charms
New York audiences”


“For 'Downton Abbey' fans,
the show is a must-see!”

- Chicago Sun-Times

Mark Mueller Hit Pop Songwriter Disney's DuckTales Theme Song

“Charming, original numbers, all with lyrics
directly relevant to her life story”

- Chicago Tribune

Downton Abbey” star Lesley Nicol... who plays the beloved Mrs. Patmore on the show... shares her journey through life and show business in a new, warm and funny musical that she and pop songwriter Mark Mueller created together.

Through masterful storytelling and 9 original songs written with Mark, the audience goes on a voyage from Lesley's quiet childhood just outside Manchester, England, to her first West End part in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” followed by co-starring roles in stage hits like the original London production of “Mamma Mia,” and culminating in her worldwide TV and film success on the SAG-Award winning drama smash, “Downton Abbey.”


Lesley and Mark, who accompanies her on piano on stage, cover the highs and lows of her storied show biz career, including all the bumps along the way. The songs are funny, poignant, honest and sometimes outrageous… just like Lesley’s life.


The show, however, is not just about Lesley’s life… it’s about everyone’s. We’re all trying to make sense of where we are these days. At a certain point, don’t we all sometime ask ourselves, “How the hell did I get here?” By the end of the night, you'll have gotten some answers, had a lot of laughs and maybe even shed a tear or two.

Mark and Lesley recently completed their successful Off-Broadway run in NYC after performances in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong.

New Off-Broadway Musical

Mark Mueller Lesley Nicol Downton Abbey Mrs. Patmore
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